Friday, 6 January 2012

Progress of my New Year..*

So the start of my 'New Year Resolutions' is going quite well.. Of course my first one was to be more organised, so far so good! I've been wanting to make sure everything is perfect, I've already got a cleaning rota on my cupboard, which has been there for the past 2-3 years and does help me. Addition to that I've now improved it and make it better, I've got a daily routine, which is the set times I do things everyday. I do it now so writing it down with help me remember what I need to do and remind me so I'm not late. Here's what I've done;

Cleaning Rota - Improved it by:
Adding the night cleaning task as well has having to rearrange my cleaning jobs to different days. Adding extra bits on to make sure everything is clean and tidy, with having 3 children I need to make sure everything is happy, safe, clean and to me perfect! Which I'm doing now and I'm hoping I can keep on top of it. I make sure I try and keep on it of it in the day and of course you can't always do that, but having this rota helps me not only making everything sparkle :) interact with my kids!! At least I won't be running round like a headless chicken, cleaning, do the nursery run, washing, cooking and not spending time with them. It's the best of both worlds..that's for sure!! :)

Daily Routine:
I've added this to my cleaning rota, so I know exactly what to do at the times that I need to do it. I've added on to it, the times I have to be up in the morning then what I do, get the kids ready for nursery, leave for nursery and of course what time I can do my cleaning up. I hope this will help me in the day and stay on track with everything. This may help improve things or maybe not but it's worth a try. I already know what I have to do in the day and what times, I'm thinking if it's written down and I can see it, it will keep in my mind and I'll be on 'a roll' in the day.
I'm trying really hard to become and stay organized not only for myself but for my kids too, it will help them and hopefully get them in a routine that they will know one day as good as me. I don't want to confuse them, so I'm completely committed to this!!
My first steps to becoming more organized I feel is to do this; making list's and staying on top of things etc...

My inspiration resolution isn't going to plan I must say. I need a quote/ saying to help me lift my spirits in the day. If I'm having a bad day or a tired day etc... I want to see something but looking/ thinking of one is harder than I thought. Nothing jumps out at me. I've been wanting a nice picture of my kids to put up so when I am not feeling like myself, the trouble is of course I can't seem to find one, well I can I just cant decide on which picture. Maybe I could make a collage of some sort with my favourite pictures of them. That's an idea indeed!

The whole 'being me' one isn't working out at all! I cant seem to find the right balance of it all, maybe within the next few weeks I could feel better about myself, getting my life back on track and dealt with, then I could shine again. I guess its just wait and see for that one. As long as I do it I'll be happy.

I am definitely trying with 'Just do it'. I'm getting on with things, I'm not waiting about for my partner to finally come and help out,whether its when he has finished work or just when he is having a day off. I'm getting on with things and sticking with it. Its the best I've done so far. When I've wanted to previously do it in the past it hasn't always gone to plan but I'm going to do this one!

*..Nini-Minnie..* x

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