Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year..New Me!!! :D

So it's a start of a brand new year 2012 is finally here!!

It's a new beginning and a fresh start, especially for me and I've got some realistic new years resolutions for me. So here is what I want to make sure I do throughout the year and hopefully in my life. :)
1. Be more organised, in everyday life; doing the school run; housework; my children and my life!

2. Just do it!! Whatever it may be just get on with it, stick with it and sort it my way! I'm not going to wait about and expect help from my 'partner' im just going to get myself together and deal with it :D

3. Be me!! Whether im having a bad or good day, im just going to be me! Deal with the problems good or bad and sort it and move on; don't hold back.

4. Sort myself out; I have a cleaning rota for everyday so im not doing to much and ive decided that I will make one for myself; do what makes me feel better; safer; and more confident within myself!

There is my list of new year resoultions, i'm just hoping I can stick with them for more than a few months or so and they stay with me for years to come. I want to become a more confident person; be the person I once was before having children. My self-esteem has been lost through the years and hopefully with my resolutions I will become a better person and have a bit of the old me back and not just feel like im 'just a mum' anymore! :D

Do you have a new years resolution(s)?

*..Nini-Minnie..* x

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