Monday, 5 September 2011


So today, its been one of those days!

Where to start?

Feeling blue about everything just lately, I've been feeling like I'm 'Just a Mum' .
It's making me feel down and just about all round confused about the situation that I'm in. I want to better myself, make a career, support my children, make a life for them and make them super proud of me! It's so important for me to do so. The thing is I don't know what to do now!?

So what do I do now?...

I want to go and get a job, make a career, gain more qualifications so I can better my career in  the path I want to follow. However, what path do I want to follow? My eldest is three and since having her I haven't worked or been to college. I do go to SureStart Children Centres' and do Adult Ed.. LearnDirect and thats pretty much it. My partner now works so time to do things for myself are now restricted and limited due to my youngest being 6months and my eldest going to nursery I'm the one who looks after all three in the day and I wouldn't want someone else looking after them for that time. It's alright to be at nursery but its what 2hours a day some times half the day. As that really isn't the same as having them all the time until you get back in from work which, could be of course from 7am-6pm weekdays, when do you have time with your children?

So I divided up a daily cleaning rota and I do what is on the list of course daily, and that way I get to play with my children once that's done, which is so helpful and alot of my mind. It makes my life so much easier.

I want to start course's - online courses, evening courses..that way I have time with my children and looking after them in the day, that makes me feel better and more relaxed I see and I know what they have been doing whether they have been good, naughty incase of taking someone elses' word for it. The only time I really have spare in the day is night so if I do either online/evening course it's of course in the evening time..My partner with be in from work. If i want to go to work that will be limited to the evening time aswell and many company's don't like that as they want flexible hours so you have be flexible with your time, which unfortunatly I can't.

So I ask you;
-Do you work?
-College/Any type of Course?
-When did you start/How old were your children?
-Are you a stay at home mother?
-What do you want to be/ Follow as a career?

Please share your opinions, ideas, suggests or even what you have done. It would not only just help me, but possible others.
...and the story continues .............


  1. Hiya

    I'm a single mother of two and currently doing my last year at uni. I also volunteer 4hrs a week. I started doing all this when my youngest was 9 mths old when I decided to do a course at college. It wasn't so bad because the nursery was situated in the college and I was able to see both my children during breaks. After I finished doing that I took 2yrs out till they were both of school age then started uni and now another 2 yrs on I have 1 yr left to go. Its not been easy but yet it wasn't as hard as I had imagined it would be before I started especially now that they are at school when I'm at uni or volunteering.

    My advice to you would be don't do anything you don't feel comfortable with and also reading what you wrote I would suggest having a look at open university they have a wide range of courses and they are suitable for anyone. check them out

  2. wow, thats pretty much the rut i feel like i'm stuck in. Although i only have one child who is soon to be 3. I too have been thinking about college/uni or what job i'd want to to once little man goes into nursery. And i know i want to do something but i really don't know what yet??? it's so annoying, i looked up the online courses where you do it at home in your own time and they are so expensive and well, just wanted to leave you a message so you know your not alone lol i do hope you work it out x

  3. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd

  4. I find the adult Ed courses around em are for much older people as the times do not fit in with the times my kids come out of school, or they are in the evening - which is impossible for me.
    I'm still trying to find a solution!


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