Sunday, 21 August 2011

Stressful Sunday..*

So Sunday is my stress day that's with out a doubt!! I've woken up and just stressed from that minute.. my youngest didn't sleep well last night which has helped me be cranky which isn't good.. my eldest two are being mardy all day.. I don't know how I do it somedays but I suppose that's just what you do when you become a parent!

I've got so much to do everyday never mind today.. the washing, the cleaning, dinner etc..

Have you ever felt so lonely but have people around you? Well that's how I feel today.. I seriously don't know how I do it everyday.. partner that goes out and children that drive you up the wall.. but its all worth it, and makes it worth wild when you they come and say 'I love you' and gives you hugs and kisses and smiles at you.. it happens everyday but when your tired, stress and feel down it cheers you up but at times you don't take note of it until that day when you feel happy and unstressed.. I think everyone feels like that at times I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels like that..that's for sure!

So I suppose I best get my stuff together and start to do something.. seeing as all three are finally sleeping after I've knackered them out, I'm thinking I should have about half an hour.. which I'm sure I can do that :)
Wish me luck...

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