Friday, 13 January 2012

Feeling Blue!..*

*..Nini-Minnie..* What do you think? Please comment and share your thoughts?

With everything going on in my life, things seem to be getting difficult. I thought I could open up and talk about it. The only problem being is that I don't have anyone to talk to about anything, never mind how I'm feeling. So, this brings me to the question/s I want to ask:

*..Who do you turn to, if anyone or if not how do you cope?
*..What helps you feel better when you are feeling blue?
*..Any tips or advice?


  1. I have found different ways of coping and they vary depending on the problem. When I was 16 I was advised to write about my feelings to get them out as I couldn't express them to anyone. I've kept hold of that and since then I write poems, records lyrics of songs that express my feelings on a particular day and I record them in a scrapbook and date them. It's the most helpful piece of therapy I've ever had and looking back on it is overwhelming too. Give it a go, it helps more than anything I've ever known!
    Chloe x
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    1. Thanks, thats a really good idea I think I may have to do that. I am like that, I don't like talking about things, I find it hard to get the words out on what the problem may be.
      I'm looking for anything to help the problem. I keep people out because of it and that is now effecting my relationships with people.
      I'm also following you now :) x

  2. I'm the kind of person that keeps everyone around me in the dark about feeling down until it becomes ridiculously obvious. I cope by having some time to myself, listening to music often helps. Going from listening to something suiting my mood to something happier and more cheerful often works to snap me out of a bad mood. Hope this helps.

  3. I find firing off an email helps. I have never been good with the journal, writing to self thing. Although some people swear by the therapeutic qualities of tearing it up after.
    I use Samaritans email service, as I know it will be read and responded to within a day or so, but sometimes just hitting send is enough!


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